Following the launch of WIDER’s 165 superyacht “CECILIA” extensive tests and sea trials have been taking place on board. The WIDER engineering department and delivery crew have been able to report back on progress for this edition of LOGBOOK, and the results are astounding. WIDER superyachts differentiate themselves from other vessels in the same category due to their use of an advanced diesel electric system on board. The purpose of this is to reduce noise and vibration, whilst also freeing up more space for the owner’s use.

The WIDER 150 “BARTALI” set new standards in the industry in this respect, but “CECILIA” has taken the shipyard’s quest for excellence to even higher levels. Early feedback indicates that noise and vibration levels are even lower than forecast, due in part to an evolution of the engineering that has built upon the already impressive accomplishments of her slightly smaller sibling.
Sea trials have not been restricted to just sound and vibration analysis though as “CECILIA” has already undergone extensive tests of her stabilisation system, that has proved an excellent choice for providing outstanding stability for the vessel both at anchor and underway. Even the launch and retrieval of the U-Boat Worx SYS 3 personal submarine has been tested. This exciting feature of the 165′ superyacht is hidden away in the cavernous aft garage, and will undoubtedly add endless fun and excitement to cruising on board this sensational superyacht.

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